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I had spent six years as a slave to a Chinese man when, in 2004, the Chinese authorities discovered me and sent me to a detention center in Tumen, on the border, with several other North Korean women.
If you are able to answer these questions, it will help bridge the gap.After being deported, I spent six months in a North Korean labor camp.And to take mothers, who have already been enslaved and abused, from their children, as the Chinese authorities did to me, is reprehensible.Women who had watched adult dating review site family members starve to death began to cross the border through brokers, in order to earn money to provide for their children.If women were menstruating, blood would flow down their legs, but the guards took no notice.But its abuse of North Korean women who flee to China to escape human rights violations at home has remained largely hidden.If we met one another on the street, we could not say hello.I had to get back to China, through yet another broker, to find my son.Under this historical backdrop, women did similar work to men in the fields and in the factories.Given their status as illegal immigrants, trafficked North Korean women have no recourse to ensure their security or improve their lot.In the final game of the womens curling tournament Russia defeated China and won gold medals.Single women between 25-30 are called sheng dou shi (Left-over fighters as women in this age range still have the energy and hope to find true love.As rapid industrialization has driven rural Chinese women to cities or even out of the country, the men who are left behind have found it increasingly difficult to find women to marry.