Women the men's stall

It can be disconcerting to hear all of those bathroom noises next door, or see someones shoes tapping out a searching cleaning lady oo silent tune.
A man stands in a long line of ladies and security is called before he successfully reaches one of your toilets.
We assume we have mirrors in here but honestly dont hold us to that.03:47 Real Public Toilet Under the is sex on the second date a relationship killer stall Cock 05:11 Lesbian Women in Public Toilet -daddi 01:50 Caught by teacher in public toilet 01:36 Caught - Cumming in the public toilet (hairy 01:31 Hardcore action happening for Tobias in 06:00 Two Latin Men Public Restroom Sex.We cant stand in your line.Post Published:, author: Soapy Johnson, found in section: SO that happened.In the stalls, I would be shocked not to find urine on the seat.Management could install more facilities for you and why didnt they?We dont want to see this.This is worse than a messy apartment.Post your comments on the Ear, Nose and Throat Community.Men do not like to stand side by side with another man peeing, so whenever possible, an unused urinal becomes the buffer.Its a very few bad apples who cant control their urine stream but this is still us as a gender at our worst and you have a womens room labeled specifically so you dont have to see this.Weve seen how fast youre capable of urinating in a mens room you reach the stall and youre running out the door in less than a minute.I have seen impatient, dancing women quickly use a mens room when the line to the womens restroom is too long.I usually just hang around long enough for someone to come in, and then I will shoot out before the door closes.Hot 3:5 Torture Pain Vagina Bondage with Toilet 01:07 Marta sucking Men's toilet in the Pub 07:16 Mofos - Public Pick Ups - Fuck in the Train 08:00 Italian women caught in public toilet 19:08 IN THE PUB toilet selfie bating CUM AND 01:41 Mens.Unless I am truly desperate, I do not use a public restroom.Restroom doors tend to open inward, which means that your clean hands will need to touch a door handle freshly contaminated by the non-handwashers.I guess the best one would be the handicap stall, but that isnt very nice to occupy.We dont know what takes you so long in there.This ability has served me well over the years.
If youd take that philosophy and put it into action in the ladies room, I dont think wed be having this conversation.
Given a choice, little boys head for the stall where they will freely pee on the seat, the floor, and the flush handle before finding their mark.

Ive been to concerts where the floors were so repulsive, I felt like Jesus but lets just say I wasnt walking on water.