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Subverted in a Marshal Law comic where insane expies of Marvel heroes are fleeing a burning asylum and falling to their deaths.
Whirlwinds carrying water is how water spouts are formed, so Sheba's powers also explain the "seas rising up" part.
There are few things more embarrassing than beating a mini-boss or ambush with one HP left then dying on the next jump because you misjudged the height.The Nac Mac Feegle use birds as transportation and "land" by simply jumping of them from height.Possibly justified in that Chaos Control warps space so it could conceivably negate his momentum.BioShock Infinite the player can jump from one skyline to another with the sky-hook, and even if he falls a hundred feet from the air as long as he can latch on a skyline with his sky-hook he's.Video Games Dungeons Dragons Online, true to its tabletop roots, allows high-level monks to fall very long distances without taking damage.In an old issue of Marvel Team-Up, Black Panther tried to catch Spider-Man after he was knocked from a great height.After dropping Buck Godot from a great height and allowing him some time to panic, the elusive Teleporter proceeds to gradually break his fall by repeatedly punching him in the stomach.And when a survivor is hanging from a ledge, any AI-controlled survivors (who do tend to accidentally walk search a woman in nurnberg off ledges) will rush to help him/her.Supergirl saves a guy from a 29,000 feet fall here.The grappling hook lands in the belfry, slides across the floor, and then bites into a bit of stonework, and suddenly Batman and Vicki are suspended in the air, swinging romantically back and forth while searchlights play across the cathedral for no very good reason.And the piece de resistance: fly a plane 10,000 feet in the air, jump out, wait until you're about 30 feet from the ground, then fire the hook.He survives, but did decelerate for a whole mile through the rock.Every super-strong or super-fast hero in the Global Guardians pbem Universe falls under this trope.But sends you to the end point with your initial velocity; therefore, if you manage to teleport to a higher ledge or balcony while falling at a fatal velocity (a velocity at which hitting the ground will kill you Netwon's first law applies that since.Press release Thursday women WHO kill their abusers: HOW DO criminal justice systems respond?Deliberately invoked by the Rule of Fun in the live-action George of the Jungle movie.Please click here to help us with an urgently needed mature christian singles dating credit card gift, as time is short and we still have much to do!(No time for their riders to saddle up!) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy : In the Brontital/Shoe Event Horizon arc, Arthur Dent survives a fall of 15 miles by landing on the back of an enormous bird, failing to take into account the fact.Naturally, falling off anything from a great height will kill survivors, but there is one minor exception.Subverted in Jack the Giant Slayer when Jack and Isabelle are on the falling beanstalk; they swing on a smaller vine to convert their downward momentum to horizontal momentum and slide along the ground.If you have any mortals in your party, you won't be able to jump off cliffs until they're gone.

This was also hilariously averted in the Halo 3 beta; if you turned up the movement speed as high as it could go, players could die by simply running into each other fast enough.