Women are looking for the adventure

If overnight or multiday, prefer B Bs, air bnbs etc, but can camp.
Preference is for moderate climbs ranging between 40-70 KM (25-45 miles) per day and hotel accommodation.
I'm going to be stealth camping, warmshowering, couchsurfing, friend-hanging, and staying at only a few cheap motels along the way.
I've been an outdoor educator and guide the past few summers, doing both international multi-sport trips and a local kayaking program.Please, let me know if you would be interested in joining.Am hoping to do much of the journey on "the great trail" so am on a mountain bike.This will be my first trip.Interested in the small towns and villages, boulangeries, cuisine, scenery and history of the regions and enjoying relatively relaxed countryside cycling.Start date will next spring 2019.Need to be there June.I'm a strong cyclist, although hills will be hard!Mid August to mid October on a Great Divide ride, Banff to Mexico.The plan is to start the ride in Newport, Oregon, around July 12 and end in San Luis Obispo (or farther south if we get through more miles each day) around August.Camping with occasional stays indoors and rest days as required.Oh, the things you can.Summer of 2019 I will sag your ride using your vehicle on any of the Adventure Cycling cross-country bicycle routes.We plan to travel between 40 and 50 miles per day with four off-days spread across the three weeks allowing for additional exploration, rest, recovery, food and fun!