Woman looking for a open relationship

woman looking for a open relationship

All the lying, all the hurtfulness of the untruths that piled up quickly, just felt so unclean.
Honestly, an open relationship makes sense.
We got married right out of college, and while we do still love each other, there is that sexual aspect that died years ago.Cyber-stalking, eavesdropping, physically tailing them, installing keyloggers, recovering deleted files from their computers, phone snooping just about everything on this side of mildly illegal and uncompromisingly shady.We have been living like this for two years."That is the issue."It was sex offender registry 90802 weird at first, going out with another man, and I kept feeling like I was going behind my husbands back. Valerya, 29, New York, New York.Abby 31 'I Felt Freedom, But Less Security' "I was in an open relationship for two and a half years.But you know what?I often had to lie to them about who the other man was because my husband and I didnt tell any friends or family about our agreement.Give or take a few percentage points, over half of them were cheating on their spouses. Marilyn, 53, Long Island, New York.I took full advantage.It was he who proposed the open aspect of the relationshipafter we were already living together.It means freedom, but not the security to go deep.These were, for the most part, more of his lies, but the thought that some of them might be true didn't bother.Seeing other women, my husband knew when we started dating that I was bisexual, but I fell in love with him and he was the one I chose as my life partner.

Theyre from a conservative background.
Because of our conservative upbringings, we felt there were some formative experiences we missed as young people.
I really think an open relationship can work and help couples, but it depends on their personalities and the strength of the relationship.