Woman looking for a man serios

woman looking for a man serios

Men seem to have a one-track mind.
Dozens of my private coaching clients were able to turn their off-again-on-again casual encounters into solid monogamous relationships.
And its been tested time and time again ever since.
Linda., Novato, CA After adult contacts in hertfordshire almost 6 months of dating a man casually I felt desperate.Written By: Aghaking less than a 8 months ago.In essence, I have reverse engineered the process of moving from the first dates to a serious relationship by going over dozens of actual, real-life scenarios where men were easily, happily (and willingly ) persuaded into turning their casual dating into serious relationships with women.In fact, most of the time, it is not up to the guy at all (but because he is simply "desiring" it).I'm just not ready for a serious relationship right now.Yes, getting a man to happily and willingly ask you for a serious relationship with you - within just days of meeting him - is not only possible, it actually happens all the time.Rule 9 - No image only replies or large ascii art.For the first time since my divorce years ago I feel secure from knowing that my man wont disappear without an explanation like others did!This Blueprint is for you if: You date a lot but are finding that the men you date dont want to have anything serious with you.Rule 2 - No personalized advice requests.To make matters worse, his lack of knowledge on the subject may also make him feel insecure, afraid or even stupid about the whole thing.Read the following questions very carefully and check every answer that applies to you: Have, you, ever Experienced Any of The Following: a man you dated who never wanted anything serious a man who didnt appreciate you and/or took you for granted a man you.It was the solution I was looking for!So, how do we prevent the above situation and make a man comfortable and confident about starting a serious relationship with YOU regardless of his past bad experiences and baggage of his previous relationships?The free Bonuses you are getting when you download The Serious Relationship alone are worth well over 100, but you are getting them free as a Thank You from me for getting The Serious Relationship Blueprint!