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These militant-sounding phrases are a disguise for the cult of vulnerability that feminism has tragically become.
Reclaim the Internet is the name of one feminist campaign to koln sex contacts make the web a safer read: more sanitised space for women.
The problem with the new feminism is that it isnt feminism at all, at least not as we have understood.
Not a user yet?Politics is too rowdy for them.The terrible irony of this new feminism is that it echoes precisely the attitudes and prejudices that feminism emerged to tackle.What Women Want: Fun, Freedom and an End to Feminism, is published by Connor Court.It says women are at risk.The Suffragettes, and more strikingly their feminist heirs in the confident, exploratory 1920s, rose up against the Victorian view of women as dainty creatures liable to faint upon hearing rough speech.Dont be afraid to live out your wildest desires or fantasies, youll find that by being open about your wants you will encounter receptive partners who will not judge you, but accept and embrace you.The benefit for singles guys, is now its never been this easy to meet hot single girls near you that are ready to hook.One of those women is my colleague Ella Whelan.Getting started is free, and you can sign up instantly by clicking here.Its our hope that at some point in the future, with education, support, and social engineering to liberate these oppressed women in the middle east and other parts of the world.Excerpts aside, its important to remember that being a woman in westernized (and civilized areas) means complete sexual freedom and liberation from stigma, judgment, and social constructs.Through out history, woman havent always been treated fairly.Unfortunately, there are still certain countries that treat their women quite badly by modern day standards.
In fact, most men, want a woman who is vocal and willing in the bed.
This is because the vast majority of women still believe, as do most men, that the so-called fairer sex isnt so fair and can cope with work life and public life as well as any man.

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