Us savings bonds maturity rates

If youd like to monitor savings bond value and want to know how to check your savings bond value, its relatively simple.
If your Series EE savings bond was issued on May 2005 or later, interest on the savings bond is added each month.
If you own Series EE bonds, use the savings bond calculator on the Treasury Direct site to calculate your savings bond value: enter face value, issue date, and price at purchase.Saving Bond Value and the Savings Bond Calculator.To determine your Series I savings bond value, use the Treasury Direct calculator as above.You receive a fixed interest rate and receive compounded interest on a semiannual basis.Lets review some of the basics about how to evaluate savings bond value.In 2016, your bond would stop earning interest.If you own very old Series E savings bonds issued between May 1941 and November 1965, these mature date link bonds no longer earn interest.Your savings bond value can change over time.You receive the benefit of semiannual compounding to your bonds interest rate.The inflation adjustment is based on changes in the CPI-U index and the amount of adjustment, if any, is announced in May/November.Semiannual interest payments were applied to Series EE bonds after that time.
If you decide to redeem your savings bond, you can cash in the bond at a bank or by mail.
If you decide to cash in the bond before an interest payment is due, youll lose interest.

Interest on your bond accrues during the life of your bond.