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(Thanks are also due to the Lifeboat crew who dusseldorf Dating warned us of the impending wash from their training display with the helicopter and RIB).
Head to the Isle of Fright!By co-incidence both school residential visits to the Island had also been set up by the same Island-based school booking agency 'Isle of Wight Experience'.The teeth date from the Early Cretaceous period and are approximately 120 million years old. .The species trimicrodon refers to the three small teeth near the front of the jaw.On our Tuesday walk at Yaverland a further three.The awards were presented at the prestigious Cowes Yacht Haven.First published in 2004, "Smart Kids Dinosaur A-Z" is an alphabetical introduction to the world of dinosaurs starting with the carnivorous Allosaurus and ending with the swift-moving Zephyrosaurus.Keep an eye on our events page for more walks.As part of their Darwin 200 celebrations the Isle of Wight Zoo and Dinosaur Isle joined with the IW Writers Circle to invite Darwins great, great granddaughter, poet Ruth Padel, to the Isle of Wight for a special evening of poetry. .The case is being changed in order to display fossils collected by visitors to the museum, be they local or on holiday.Steve Sweetman, a postgraduate student studying for a PhD at The University of Portsmouth, is writing a scientific paper on them for the Journal Cretaceous Research.The two vertebrae have twisted against each other after the death of the animal producing the unusual shape we see in the pictures.We also spent time working on a limestone deposit renowned for fish, reptile and ammonite fossils, as well as the phosphates that produce thousands of shark teeth every year.The chair has been purchased to enable disabled children to gain access to outdoor areas they would previously have struggled to reach.The bones, which include the braincase, upper jaw and wing bones, were found on Yaverland beach.This has been an opportunity not only to provide a better picture of the dinosaurs that make the Island globally important, but to update the existing information with what we know today.The tooth is un-erupted, it hasn't developed any wear-facets.
The picture was taken on the beach when it was found. .

By the 4th of February the last area of the top surface was.