Stated maturity date

stated maturity date

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To the extent that you hold more than one note, the calculations of cash payments in lieu of fractional shares would be made on an aggregate, rather than on a per note, basis.If it is adult friend finding non-zero, the WAM is converted from months into a fractional number of years.If a market disruption event occurs on a day that would otherwise be the valuation date, settlement of the notes will be delayed, depending on the circumstances surrounding the market disruption event, for up to eight scheduled trading days for the postponed valuation date following.The common stock is registered under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.Assuming the settlement value.00 after applying the initial multiplier: As a result, because the settlement value.00 is less than.762, on the stated maturity date, you would receive.00 per note, plus any accrued but unpaid interest payments.If the stated maturity is 397 days, the shorter of the variable rate reset date or the put date (depending on which exist) is used.In particular, the actual settlement value could be lower or higher than those reflected in the table.Common stock issuer AND common stock Celanese Corporation Barclays Bank PLC has obtained the following information regarding Celanese Corporation from Celanese Corporations reports filed with the SEC.Reproduction of all or part of this glossary, in any format, without the written consent of WebFinance, Inc.If, however Barclays Bank PLC determines that it is prohibited from delivering such shares, or that it would otherwise be unduly burdensome to deliver such shares, on the stated maturity date, it will pay in cash the amount payable at maturity as if it had.Consequently, it is possible that the aggregate value of the cash and securities that you receive at maturity may be less than the payment that you would have received at maturity had Barclays Bank PLC not elected to settle the notes with shares of Celanese.In the opinion of our special tax counsel, Sullivan Cromwell LLP, it would be reasonable to treat your notes in the manner described above.Specified foreign financial assets includes any financial accounts maintained by foreign financial institutions, adult dating services information guide find more as well as any of the following (which may include your notes but only if they are not held in accounts maintained by financial institutions: (i) stocks and securities issued by non-U.S.If, alternatively, the receipt of shares upon the maturity of your notes is treated as a tax-free purchase of the shares, (i) the receipt of shares upon maturity of your notes should not give rise to the current recognition of gain or loss at such time.Federal Income Tax Considerations in the accompanying prospectus supplement.
Interest payment record dates : 15 calendar days prior to each interest payment date.

Accordingly, you should consult your tax advisor about the tax consequences to you of receiving shares upon the maturity of your notes.
Postponement OF THE valuation date because oarket disruption event If a market disruption event occurs on a day that would otherwise be the valuation date, as set forth on the cover page of this free writing prospectus, such valuation date will be postponed until the.
In general, your tax basis in your notes will be equal to the price you paid for the notes (excluding amounts paid in respect of accrued but unpaid interest).