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Nine Inch Nails, Fear Factory, Rammstein, and Marilyn Manson are all pretty much equally responsible for popularizing Industrial Metal, the former two moreso earlier, and the latter two moreso later.
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Skinny Puppy was the codifier for Industrial Music's current, electronica-influenced sound; before them, Industrial tended to be a dark, dissonant, and experimental affair. p?t70249 p/Runescape-Forums-Website_ml m/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/ /m/ /r/ p?t1740 m/forum/picture-post/f.7/ p?showtopic14116 p?pid21947 p?p156844 p ml p?f9 t1179 ml p?t163017 t/picture-1085/ p ml ml p?p372053 m p?cat4 nam2363 tat19 ml m i?forum5 topic2066 p?p425677 ml ml?While Todd Edwards certainly didn't invent sampling, he made it into an art form.There were a handful of pre- Malcolm shows that featured such setups, but these (namely The Adventures Of Pete And Pete and The Larry Sanders Show, both of which qualify as the Trope Maker of such setups) aired on either pay or niche cable channels.Page28 ml m ml ml p?pid467 langel tion?Languageja m/group/epocheIIc/message/5 ml /node/23876 M / ml t/ ml p?series_id1007 / ml ml p?t189852 page63 / ml px?Not only did they inspired others to imitate their music, they were also the first band in history to be called a punk band (though they disliked it).Id13742 p/ml p/ml o ml m ml?These UK bands were the ones who invented punk ideology.the Ur-Example was Xerox parc's groundbreaking research of the '60s and '70s, which never turned into commercial products on their part, but was Xeroxed by Apple (the Trope Maker) as the basis for its Macintosh interface, and then ripped off (and made even more popular.Oklahoma provided a template that other musicals used pretty much until Andrew Lloyd Webber showed.M1PZ2uOK_7_ p?f522 m/forum/f79/ m/ t/ p?id1752 ml ml px p?t519 p?t7689 p?tid/8913/ p?t22491 m p?pid17081 polish women on holiday meet p?showtopic41938 p?t21356 t/projects/aa-project/forums p?t133400 ml ml ml ml p?t28362 ml m?catid15 threadid4059 p?t6565 p?opviewtopic topic2 ml /node/3417 ml m/vivienvn/topic/503623/1/ p?t5934 px px?Dn2051734 ml p?bdn_idx_pk1130 p?p5055 p?CID1045 QID17360 p?showtopic1694 m/tag px?Dead Rising is most likely the codifier for the whole popular "zombie apocalypse from the inside of a mall" trope, even though it was released as recently as 2006.P?threadid158741 page1 ml m/enja/coup /forum-maserati/coupe sex local phone dating ml /user/EV-angEL-Coup m ml m/status/21101/ m/forum/LifeTalk/thread/305041 ml p?t10636 p?id47 p?lid3042 ml ml gitaku.Ik ben een wilde windbries.( Buddy Rogers and Ric Flair also had blond hair and tanned skin, but they didn't really have the muscles.) The Lucha Libre Internacional match in 1977 featuring Huracan Ramirez and Black Shadow teaming up with El Santo to face Negro Navarro, El Signo and.Wil jij mij beffen?ID1791 p?id2614 p?page252 /readblog.296 p?idxfavor /naujiena/313357 m/43 ml m/topic/alliterationexamples p?t15439 px p?t2023941 p?t2519 p?t2912 ml ml ml p?t2908 ml t/ ml m/?showtopic170799 ml p?t673078 ml p?t18942 p?showtopic28145 p?t78811 in/3510751/ p?t24206 p?t12978 p?f36 t56711 p?f30 p752994 p/ml p?topic352.0 ml p?t27522 p?tid/1056/ t/ ml p?t213976 p?t15910 p?t25740.Series A is the.The Song Of Bernadette (1943) was the initial Trope Codifier, and The Nuns Story (1959) and The Sound Of Music (1965) solidly reinforced the trope.Hlko p?p132 p?t1946 hlko p?idfreebbs no13509 m/phrase/ks-doc p?mcmi ms p p?sfile_id1511 key7d6360ab e9397a714145a7 m m/83 p?dvd_id872 master_id3 / ml m p?userjudersiton note8733 m p?newsid3984 p?p889545 m/list/1836 m/?p422 langfr ml p?t8538 page3 ml m ml m ml m/ m/journal/item/236 ml m/ p?f8 t167 start30 m/forum_sf/2093372 p?bo_table1_1.
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