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On the very next day the new lodger appeared in my modest bachelor quarters; but I did not feel annoyed in the least - on the contrary, in a way I was glad.
But a day passes, then another, and he does not return.
At that point you wont have to worry anymore about striking out, sleeping alone at night, or being depressed as hell because women arent jumping in your pants for sex.What is there wonderful or edifying in that, Emelian?' Well, nothing, but the people laughed, Astafi Ivanich.' E-ch, Emelian!"Has he at least the necessary papers, a passport, or anything of farmer wants a wife yahoo the kind?" "How then?When he returned he began to upbraid Agrafena.If she seems interested but isnt sleeping with you, its because youre not turning her.How can a thief be honest, Astafi Ivanich?" "You speak truth, sir.How is it, sir, that you do not seem to be at all sorry about it?" "To be sure, Astafi Ivanich, one would much sooner see his things burn up than see a thief take them.Of course he has.That is how drink can ruin a man.'I was in all the time; your friend here went out for a short while and then came back; here he sits!Kostopravov, who had treated me when I still lived in my last place.But I have not taken your breeches.' Well, just as you please, Emelian!' No, Astafi Ivanich, evidently I cannot live with you longer.Suddenly my eyes encountered Emelian's.Therefore, the presence of another quiet, unobtrusive man in the house was, under these circumstances, a real blessing.And during the whole two weeks he had not uttered a word.You have lost your poor foreign affair dating kiev wits through the cursed drink!' And again Emelian says, 'a baron lost a bill on the Gorokhova Street - or was it on the Sadova?Would you like a drink of cold water?' I asked him.The next time you return tipsy, you will have to sleep on the stairs.