Reports on adult friend finder

The breach notification website LeakedSource announced on Sunday news of an Adult Friend Finder hack, which is said to have occurred in October.
The WSJ (Wall Street Journal) stated in a report, Adult FriendFinder, which just recently reached 64 million followers has been promoting itself as the top website for hook-ups, dates, sex communities and swinging partners does not conserve any of the trick regarding discovering long-term love.Back then, a hacker known as ROR RG was alleged to have breached the database and then leaked it online.The Adult FriendFinder website claims to be the world largest sex and swinger community and has already faced a hack before back in 2015.If we want more users, Dylans eDonkey messages would get us a lot of Europeans that are a little bit older crowd.LeakedSources security team reported that they were able to crack 99 of all passwords used.The emails exposed some of the innermost secrets of the anti-piracy outfit, and now another one is about to be revealed.Enterpeise and cyber security director in Fujitsu, Rob Norris, stated that the hack was the latest in a massive line of same rolls.It looks like porn was big business for MediaDefender, and were curious whether their stock holders are aware of this, since it is never mentioned in any of their financial reports.Billing itself as the worlds largest sex and swinger community, Adult Friend Finder is a casual hookup, porn, and webcam site whose network also owns m, m, m, and previously owned m, before it was sold to Penthouse Global Media in February.One other notorious hacker who is famously known for breaching well-known the first woman to visit to the doctor, with 20 sites, Peace, is said to have obtained a part of the database of the 73 million users of the website.When we posted an article on the Miivi project, Mediadefender CEO Randy Saaf wrote to his colleagues: This is really fucked.A research which was conducted by Channel 4 News has disclosed, the site has been compromised and secret information of near about 4 million registered users have been leaked.While a number of these claims proved to be false extortion attempts, we did identify and fix a vulnerability that was related to the ability to access source code through an injection.He contributes to various online publications.For users whose passwords were stored in visible format, hackers could easily log in to user accounts and gain access to private videos, conversations with other users, and more.Some of these are on the PM2 Data Collection owner sending traffic to our porn site.Has only just been made aware of this potential issue and understands and fully appreciates the seriousness of the issue.
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Whats interesting about this last email is that they dont only use Adult Friend Finder, but they have their very own porn site,.
The intimate information hacked include dates of birth, post codes and home addresses of registered users.
The money they got from the entertainment industry must not have been enough though.