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Once the CSO receives its charter to officiate as a not for profit corporation in Florida from the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations, then the CSO Board of Directors is responsible for moving the CSO forward.
Directions for completing this can be found on the form.
6 Identify CSO Officers In the first formal meeting between the Park Manager and potential CSO officers, the officer positions are identified and filled.
Display/hide its location on the map Sumter County has a predicted average indoor radon screening level less than 2 pCi/L (pico curies per liter) - Low Potential Air pollution and air quality trends (lower is better) Air Quality Index (AQI) level in 2013 was.2.In lieu of a CSO financial policy, at a minimum, it is recommended the CSO comply with the standards for staff handling of funds, revenue controls, and bank deposits (see OM Chapters 2 and 5).Florida Statutes are available on the Internet at ate.Educational information for state decision-makers to promote the economic value of the system of state parks.PIP Project Completion Form (DRP-076) Please work with your Park Manager to gain access to the OM Chapter.2.10.2 Federal Tax-Exempt Charitable Status - The Division does not require CSOs to secure a federal tax-exempt determination as a charitable organization under Section 501(c 3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a condition of its CSO Agreement with the Division.It is recommended this committee be responsible for developing the annual budget, advising the board of financial policy, managing the CSOs investment portfolio, and recommending internal control policies is having sex on the third date too soon for handling the CSOs finances.Adult diabetes rate: This county:.5 Florida:.2 Adult obesity rate: Sumter County:.1 Florida:.7 Low-income preschool obesity rate: This county:.2 State:.0 Health and Nutrition: Healthy diet rate: The Villages:.0 State:.9 Average overall health of teeth and gums: This city.The Division recommends the CSO consult an accountant or tax attorney to gain the best guidance.CSO Handbook The Inspector Generals audit begins with an initial letter of engagement sent to the CSO President and treasurer, the CSOs Park Manager and District Chief, and to the Division Director, which includes the name of the examining auditor, range of dates the auditor.In addition, specific language must be included in other types of contracts when the CSO is contracting with an outside vendor for services or commodities, grants with other state or Federal agencies, or when a CSOs contractor has employees.4.12.2 Establishment of Trusts, Investment Funds, and Endowments A CSO can accept or establish a financial service, trust, investment fund - including an endowment fund or non-endowment fund - but, the proposed agreement must be reviewed and pre-approved, in writing, by the District Bureau Chief (see CSO.A record of the vote, regardless of the outcome, must be kept with the CSOs corporate records (see Chapter 3: Section 9 ).This may be as simple as Support and benefit (Insert name of state park(s) or trail or it is recommended the CSO look at the organizations Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws for appropriate language.The manager will notify the Divisions Communications Manager or the Departments Press Office with the topic of the inquiry, reporters name, media outlet, and contact information, including email and deadline.In addition, Florida corporate law is subject to change by the Florida Legislature and by the courts of the United States (U.S.) and Florida.Many thrift shop operations of exempt organizations meet this exception.City:.3.S.:.0 Particulate Matter (PM2.5) g/m3 level in 2007 was.0.