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A friend asks police to help, and adult dating friend the request is transmitted to New Scotland Yard, who interview sister Ada and brother James., but the discharge paper is not found.
Her husband is James wilson, a tailor. .Gibbons, John George and wife Margaret Jane sought by Peter moore, Birkenhead, England, her brother, in 1913. .Rowley sources AND notes : Duncan Stewart is believed to be a Scottish prisoner of war from the Battle of Dunbar on He would have arrived in Charlestown, Massachusetts in late Dec 1650 on the ship Unity and would have been indentured for sex in boston usa about seven.Mathews ( Methodist Rev.Caithnessshire Scotland wrote in 1903 re his granduncle James hudson, hasnt heard from him in more than a year, neither has Hudsons niece Miss RAE. .Police interview Walter and his father John who says he was born Birmingham in 1847, and needs the certificate in his application for old age pension.Gregg, William and Thomas, left Cumberland England for Australia c1886 and had a butchery business. .Cowie, Aberdeen, Scotland in 1908; last heard of in 1877 in Heyfield. .In 1907 re his relations George and Sarah horrocks. .He meet up for just sex was a native of Dearham, in 1890s was working for contractor David mitchell. .Orchard had been a hotel keeper, and their parents are nearly 100 years old. .
File reveals Hetty had met up with him in Sydney, before he sailed to Queensland. .
92 The border was redrawn using information based on studies using geographic information science.

Hossell, Herbert, solicitor, Birmingham England, wrote in 1908 seeking Robert lockley, last heard of in Melbourne. .
Born West Brompton Kent c1872, deserted from HMS Cadmus at Hobart Tasmania in 1905.
Chief Constable, Bristol England, wrote in 1919 on her behalf.