Maturity date of ppf

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Number of contributions, as the lock-in period of the scheme starts from sex contacts ch the end of the financial year in which the deposit was made, if you make an annual contribution you make a total of 16, and not 15, contributions during the tenure of the.In effect, this works out from the seventh year onwards.However, you are required to declare that you have withdrawn from PPF while filing your income tax returns.When can I withdraw from the account?Its extremely simple to find out when exactly your PPF account matures, and let me show you how to calculate it!Do note: only you can make a partial withdrawal or take a loan.Availability of loans and withdrawals are subject to certain woman looking for a man of lower Franconia conditions depending on the PPF balance and number of years completed.So if you open your PPF account on 4th Nov 2014, this date lies in the financial year, then the financial year ends on 31st Mar, 2015.He/she also needs to deposit.500 each as each inactive years contribution.(Tax exemption : EEE).Let's say you made your first contribution on July 26, 2014.Transfer, a person has the option to transfer his/her post office PPF account from post office to banks (authorised by the government) or vice versa.At the end of this period, you get the entire amount (principal and interest earned).
Incidentally, the loan does not come cheap.