Maturity date meaning in insurance

Mutual of Omaha argues that both the Category A and B Securities were redeemed at maturity.
Notwithstanding the amendments made by subtitle B of title III of TRA 1011(d), any gain recognized by a qualified life insurance company on the redemption at maturity of any market discount bond as defined in Section 1278 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 which.
From, cambridge English Corpus, because of the need for both liquidity and profitability, banks tend to hold bills and bonds of varying maturities and yields.1291, 146.Ed.2d 121 (2000) (internal citations omitted).Kyle, 102.2d 349 (3rd 1939 It is true that the word 'redemption' is defined as a 'buying back; a purchase back; a repurchase'.The Plaintiff makes an additional argument.Poletis, 177.3d 1071, 1074 (8th Cir.1999).While it is true that "redemption" can mean simply "the payment of an obligation within the context of tamra, the court finds that a bond must be redeemed in toto to qualify for the special.6 tax rate.2411 provides: "In any judgment of any court rendered (whether against the United States, a collector or deputy collector of internal revenue.The court adopts this principle for this case: the court will liberally construe Section 1010(a 2) of the Technical and Miscellaneous Revenue Act of 1988 tamra in favor of the Plaintiff.The difference between (.34 31,344,623) and (.316 31,344,623) is 752,270.95.tamra amended TRA 1011(d) to provide as follows: In general.These examples are from external sources.1 "The meaning-or ambiguity-of certain words or phrases may only become evident when placed in context.The Plaintiff argues that a reasonable person could interpret "maturity" to mean either the final or stated maturity date, but, also could interpret "maturity" to mean the date on which an issuer unilaterally calls or redeems a security.Accordingly, the court will award the Plaintiff a tax refund of 752,270.95, plus the interest payments associated therewith (collectively "Taxes together with statutory interest thereon from the date of payment of such Taxes on April 21, 1998, as calculated pursuant to.S.C.374, 383, 112.Ct.United States, 255.3d 599, 603 (8th Cir.2001) (holding " tax assessments made by the IRS are presumed correct and the taxpayer bears the burden of proving, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the assessment is erroneous.Was required to pay 11,900,000 in principal each year commencing June 1, 1984 and continuing to and including June 1, 2003 without a redemption premium.The court has already accepted the following as a reasonable definition mature date palm cost of "maturity "The date on which the principal amount of a note, draft, acceptance, bond, or other debt instrument becomes due and payable." black'S LAW dictionary 979 (7th.1999).
The payment of principal and unpaid interest on bonds or other debt obligations." black'S LAW dictionary 1278 (7th.1999).
Plaintiff did not sell any of the Securities to a third party or negotiate with any of the applicable issuers for the redemption of any of the Securities.