Man looking for a woman kaiserslautern

man looking for a woman kaiserslautern

We don't have his address, but understand how to make adult friendships he lived in a coastal town (near Phuket?).
Meade, 51st SOC Torii Station Okinawa, Vint Hill Farms Station Current location Winchester TN After four years of active duty I left the ASA in January 1968 to work for the Mincom Division of 3M Company.
She is 18 and currently attending Silpakorn University.Morrissette - MOS 05H Duty stations Det 4-4 Karamursel, Turkey, 8th rrfs Vietnam, Vint Hill Farms Delmas "Jac" Morse - MOS 058 980 Years of Service Stationed 3rd Fld St Okinawa, 12th Fld St Hokaido Japan Location College Station Texas Delbert B Mortimore Jr - Years.Devens, MA Current Location Tampa, FL Comments Originally signed up for 4 years but when local sex afenders Vietnam ended, took advantage of the RIF and got out a year early in December.Now that I am retired I get together with a diverse group of ASA veterans every other Wednesday at Tiny's Restaurant in Ayer.She is my friend of 12 years.Kim (71 years old).No word from him til this day.Citizens on vacation in Thailand.Ken Moseley - MOS 05H Duty Stations 7th rrfs, Thailand Vent Hill Farms,.They frequently vacation and with the lack of contact, we fear they were somehow linked to the tragedy.They were holidaying in Thailand over Christmas.We pray that they are and that their family is as well!