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180 As Clark Kent begins his job as a foreign correspondent, a beautiful new villain named La Encantadora leads Superman on an around the world chase as she sells fake Kryptonite to villains all over the globe.
Superman tells Superboy to save Martha while he fights Kal-L.
299 As Superman and Superboy fight Kal-L, Martha is held hostage by Earth-Two Lois Lane, who is also a Black Lantern.
Superman is afraid of him - not just his power, but he is afraid of Zod's cunning.Superman is put through find Polish woman for marriage a show trial for the destruction of Krypton (his guilt was already assumed).Still locked in Superman's shape, she takes off into space in an exile of her own.104 Superman helps free Babe from the villainous vampire Ruthven with the help of Lock, 105 and also enlists the aid of Mister Miracle when the villain Deathtrap comes after him.He meets the Cleric and encounters the Eradicator.39 After several adventures in outer space, Superman is captured by Warworld and confronts Mongul for the first time.It was later updated and retold again by Mark Waid in his 2003 mini-series Superman: Birthright, which brought back many older plot points that had been non-canon during the Byrne-era.Even a vacation to an alien planet where the depth of his love for her is manifested does not help the situation.The kindly couple decided they would adopt and raise him, naming him Clark Kent.Thankfully, his parents turn up alive and well, first his mother and then his father, although his father is suffering some memory lapses.Meanwhile, President Luthor deduces that Clark Kent is Superman.156 Alternate Realities and King of the World A new, powerful villain named Dominus next emerges on the scene.He then goes on the run with his parents, trying to stay one step ahead of Conduit and his forces (who seem to have a nearly limitless cache of resources to track them down).193 La Encantadora reveals she was paid to infect Superman with the virus, which she administered through her kiss during their first encounter.

The young Superboy claimed to be a clone of the original Superman (in fact, he told it to everyone who would listen, soaking up the limelight as much as possible) 74 and the Man of Steel was alleged (by a psychic named Rosie) to have.