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Your dog may also swing her hips and wag her tail high up as she walks.
Excitement and licking lips, there are some people that when they get excited about anything they lick their lips.You cant control.So approach fast and screen in or out.Now there may be a tendency to look at the lips when a man or woman licks them but you may want to be careful because staring at the lips may be seen as being sexual.The explanation of this is simple.As the standing heat approaches, previously red discharge from the vulva may become pink, yellow, or even unnoticeable during the standing heat.Quite possibly but this show is a good place to look and watch for the signs and signals of lying.Scratch your dogs lower back (just above the base of the tail) with your hand.So its a great place to remind about our article: How to calm a female dog in heat.Or, you ask your boyfriend where he was and all of the sudden all of his body language changes into something not normal.No, I meant, do you want a drink not a blow job.Was your dog restless during the first phase of the heat?