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Anyone now with a legitimate criticism of bitcoin will be labeled as either old, stupid (you just dont get it) or a Luddite.
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March 23, 2014 Dubai is going to have 400, bitcoin ATMs installed.Iceland, which is teetering on economic fallout, is trying to save itself with bitcoins, and everyone in Dubai will have access to a Bitcoin ATM before too long.Hope you enjoy, and if you have any news youd like to share, please send it our way.On the Dark Side, uncle Sam wants your bitcoin upside!The tax man cometh this week, and in his sights is Bitcoin.March 23, 2014 A small Bitcoin exchange in Beijing, Vircurex, had to freeze withdrawals after it was nearly drained of its funds.March 26, 2014 Warren Buffett is still staunchly anti- Bitcoin and stands maturity date roth ira by his statement that Bitcoin is a mirage.There goes spending that appreciation of bitcoin on Overstock or Lord and Taylor.While the purchases arent anonymous and a background check is still required, it is a bit unnerving.March 24, 2014 A financial startup is trying to create an exchange where people can bet on the future direction of Bitcoins value.March 25, 2014 The IRS decided that it would treat bitcoins as property instead of currency.March 27, 2014 Reddit CEO Yishan Wong used some sharp words to criticize, bitcoin evangelists.And, yes, you can now use bitcoins to purchase rifles in Austin, Texas, and Circle, with its latest round of funding, can help even more merchants get connected.Share, tweet, share, share, share, print, email.With the trillions of dollars of cross-border transaction volume, Jamieson says that keeping those supply chains strong by optimizing payments across them is now essential.March 27, 2014 Smartscope adult contact in aachen rifles may now be purchased with Bitcoins.Now with checkout comes paperwork.So much for the theory of spending Bitcoin appreciation at your friendly, bitcoin-accepting retailer.
On the Plus Side, innovation continues in the field of cryptocurrencies, with one of the newest payment providers for emerging startups, Stripe, opening its acceptance to include Bitcoin payments.
March 24, 2014 Auroracoin was launched in Iceland to save the countries economy.

The IRS ruled that bitcoins will be taxed as property, not currency, and those who have moved under the radar of the government will have to report their earnings.
Yeah, Buffett may like railroads as the richest man in the world, and he has just a smidge of credibility when it comes to making money and placing bets, wouldnt you agree? .