I'm looking for Kurdish women

i'm looking for Kurdish women

"I have been fighting for a long time now.
She replied: Im not coming with you, it has become a matter of best app for meeting for sex life and death to defend Kobani.
I rang her from Turkey five hours before her martyrdom to check on her.She said she was not well trained, that the war is not a joke and that it is for men not women.Another woman nods angrily.Shireen was inspired by her female Kurdish language teacher, Vian, 29, a fighter with the Kurdistan Workers party, PKK.We help train the Yazidi women to defend themselves and then they can control their own future.Berivan Fadhil, ibrahiem Fadhil, 46, a shopkeeper and now a refugee in Turkey, recalls his sister.I returned to Turkey with my sister she had a nervous breakdown and could not stay in Kobani any more.Iraq's new parliament is expected to convene to start the process of setting up a new government, despite deepening political rifts and an ongoing Islamist-led insurgency.Fragments are scattered all over the village, as our YBS driver weaves his way through carefully through the sandy terrain littered with recently removed IEDs set by Isis.Sometimes I almost wish that there was this civil war that people now talk about, that we would have this all-out uprising.Two of her brothers joined the PKK only last year, motivated by the groups successful fight against Isis.And, hopefully, we will be able to shed the guns too.The future of Turkish women is limited to wearing a certain medieval outfit and rearing at least three children.From an historical perspective, women have long been an intricate part of revolutionary movements, says Daniella Kuzmanovic, associate professor for modern Turkey studies at the University of Copenhagen.My father, 67, and his friend were nearby and were killed, alongside 12 other martyrs.She spent most of her time listening and watching news of the war in Syria and the rapid advance of Isis in Iraq.She used to have a Barcelona flag around her neck and wore full makeup.Let me make one point clear: They, Kurdish women, have suffered so much up to this day that they deserve everything.
The womens base is adorned with pictures of female martyrs and brightly coloured carpets.
But the PKK does not only try to rally local males to assist the women in their households with daily chores.