If you want more sex women or men

Were we to express our conceptions of God, it wou'd never enter into the head of any one of us to describe him as a venerable old man.
Why do girls Elsa?
Now it is too well known to need any support, that the organs in our sex are of a much finer, and more delicate temperature than in theirs; and therefore, had we the same advantages of study allowed us which the Men have, there.But then it wou'd be putting ourselves upon the level with brutes, to descend to a compliance with the generality of their commands, since That alone wou'd suffice to degrade us, and render us as despicable as the upright unfeather'd animals who lay them upon.These men have no interest in getting married and are only interested in sex.I own, some of our sex have carried their worship to superstitious lengths; but have not many of the Men done so too?But it seems we are already condemn'd to it by a judge of their own erecting, a blubbering dotard, too conceited of his own sense, to be improv'd by that of his wife; Cato, the wise Cato, who grown obstinate in wrong by age and.And yet we might without vanity aspire to being as able philosophers or divines as the Men, perhaps better: If I understand rightly the sense of those words.And yet such is the prevalency which custom, ever so wrongly introduced, has over the minds of the Men, that it requires much less difficulty to wean them from sentiments, which they themselves have built on the most convincing evidences of reason and truth, than.Among whom, This in particular, was he worth the pains, might be easily proved to have been often grossly in the wrong in other matters as well as in the present case; and therefore, when he happens to be in the right, the merit.Of this stamp, are the generality of evidence brought against.The usage of "it's" is consistent throughout the original document and has been respected.The two began immediately working on side projects.God undoubtedly knew the general tendency of the Men to impiety and irreligion ; and therefore why might he not confine the functions of religion to that sex, to attract some of them at least to those duties they have such a general apathy for?The real cause of it is, that they who are versed in any science, look upon themselves as possest of something, which is a mystery to the generality of the World.The men there often live as the saying goes lives of quiet desperation.She's the main character and I don't give a shit, and neither does any girl on the planet.We ourselves are too nearly concern'd in the decision, to be admitted even as witnesses in the trial, much less then as judges; and the same consideration equally excludes Men from acting in it in either capacity.For if Women are but consider'd as rational creatures, abstracted from the disadvantages imposed upon them by the unjust usurpation and tyranny of the Men, they will be found, to the full, as capable as the Men, of filling these offices.Whether the Women are fit for public Offices, or not.How cool is that?There can be no real difference pointed out between the inward or outward constitution of Men and Women, excepting what merely tends to giving birth to posterity.It contains the insight, common to all stories about theories of love, that they never work out in practice, and eventually Dex is just as needy as some poor jerk who doesn't have the benefit of his deep wisdom.
And yet would they not triumphantly alledge it as a proof of our weak sense, were we wisely to conclude, in their way, that therefore all the Men ought to be perpetually under guardianship to Us?
And it must be own'd, that if a little superficial knowledge has render'd some of our sex vain, it equally renders many of theirs insupportable.