Futures expiry date definition

16 Other sources of futures data include websites like the Moore Research Center 17 and m which has historical futures prices on contracts traded in US futures exchanges.
As a result, trading firms take no risk on the actual counterparty to the trade, but instead the risk falls on the clearing corporation performing a service called central counterparty clearing.North Dakota Wheat Commission.Before the market opens on the first day of trading a new futures contract, there is a specification but no actual contracts exist.Confident in his prediction, he made agreements with local olive-press owners to deposit his money with them to guarantee him exclusive use of their olive presses when the harvest was ready.In April 2005 the entire ICE portfolio of energy futures became fully electronic.Futures contracts are pay for sex houston not issued like other securities, but are "created" whenever Open interest increases; that is, when one party first buys (goes long ) a contract from another party (who goes short ).For guidance on how to interpret the calendar, please see the explanatory note.Archived from the original on Retrieved mgex via.S.Only if they are legally cancelled can they disappear.Settlement of futures contracts involves both a daily mark-to-market settlement and a final spot reference cash settlement, after the contract reaches its expiry date.Base 3-9 6, peak, n/A 5, reference, nordic system price, g erman power.Several popular methods are used to compute initial margins.Contracts are also "destroyed" in the opposite manner whenever Open interest decreases because traders resell to reduce their long positions or rebuy to reduce their short positions.The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics (2.).In Pakistan, by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.Standardized commodity futures contracts may also contain provisions for adjusting the contracted price based on deviations from the "standard" commodity, for example, a contract might specify delivery of heavier usda Number 1 oats at par value but permit delivery of Number 2 oats for.9 Several business families made their fortunes in regular Opium futures trading in Calcutta and Bombay.
Investors value the LME as a vibrant futures exchange but also for its close links to industry.

In 2005, The Africa Mercantile Exchange (AfMX) became the first African commodities market to implement an automated system for the dissemination of market data and information online in real-time through a wide network of computer terminals.