Formula to calculate maturity date

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28th Feb 14, and the tenor is 1 month, then it should calculate directly to 31st March 2014 (Maturity Date) (Last Days of the next month; Tenor of 1 months added).
The note will mature in 90 days and carries an annual rate of interest.That is the maturity value of the note - the amount the borrower will have to pay to the bank when the note comes due.Notes are often a key component of how a business finances its operations.To calculate maturity value, review the features of your bond or CD to determine your interest rate.Please check the Excel attached for clear understanding.If the Value Date is last day of the Month for.Read this before posting a question.Thus, a note may be issued for a period as short as 30 or 60 days.Maturity value 100,000 x (1.08.25).If you are calculating a date n days in the future, you can add days directly as in the first two formulas.Not sure I completely understand your requirements, but woman seeking man with phone number this simpler formula should serve you well in your initial calculation.Notice that I have set this up to divide the days to maturity (90 in this case) by only 360 days instead of 365 days.Basically the calcualtion goes like farmer wants a wife 16 5 - 1) Look for End Date based on Tenor Value Date, If the Value date is month end, directly return month end based on Tenor.This isn't set in stone - you could surely find a bank to write a note based on a 365-day calendar - but 360-day years are the norm for commercial notes.However the formula is not returning the expected results, just a day here and there.Hope that helps Register To Reply, 12:10 AM #10 Re: fixed maturity date bond etf Maturity Date Calculation Hi, thank you for all the help.Can you suggest what changes I need to do?In Details tab, life's a spreadsheet, Excel!Edate (B10,12) / 1 year, how these formulas work, in Excel, dates are simply serial numbers.Register To Reply, 06:40 AM #8 Re: Maturity Date Calculation Hi, 1) I have a similar scenario where In case of Holidays or Weekends, the next working date should be displayed instead of the previous one like in the previous example.