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All we know if was presents to Joyce by her colleagues in the Officers Mess during the dark days of the war and is dated Joyce was clearly stationed at HQ RAF Bomber Command at the time but that is all we have.
In 1941 this image was adopted by the British Airborne Forces who will be remembered not least for their actions in operation Market Garden and in particular the capture of the bridge at Benouville which has now been renamed Pegasus Bridge.Even his friends had no blonde looking for sex idea about the 8million fortune he'd amassed until he died on June 2, 2104 - and left 6million to a library and hospital in Brattleboro, Vermont.Height: 16" (41cm) 275.00 4490 US Army Air Corps Presentation Whistle - We endeavour to offer unusual and unique items and this is certainly the first time we've seen one of these!This piece of history is an impressive size measuring 48" x 35" (122 cm x 88 cm) and it is extremely heavy.Below the image is a little background to the reasons why the scroll was produced in Bruce Ingrams own words.Measures 10 diameter (26 cm).Lets hope Joyce appreciated the gift.The plaque is hand carved from a solid lump of oak and features to the front a kings Crown and below the RAF eagle(although this interpretation has the look of a parrot!)and below 934 Squadron.'The last time he came here, he parked far away in a spot where there were no meters so he could save the coins.It is however likely to have been worked by a mother, fiancée or girlfriend of someone serving in the RAF in WW11.The Crown and RAF eagle are highlighted in gold paint which is now rather faded.13 Group was formed at Collaton Cross, Plymouth on 3 September 1939 and it was made up of 5 flights of 8 balloons but by August 1940 24 balloons are recorded.To the top right and bottom left corner is an RAF roundel which carries a birds wing picked out in RAF blue.In the centre is the phrase 'Victory through Air Power' printed in red and surrounding a depiction of Orville and Wilbur Wright 1902 as 'Inventors of the flying machine' and around this are various illustrations showing bombing raids, crashed aircraft, flying formations and burning cities.The board displays the Squadron badge and bellow the motto in relief the motto 'Ut Fulmina De Caelo' which translated means 'Like a thunderbolt from heaven'.The brass model is beautifully crafted and the stand mount is fashioned from an Australian Eucalyptus, also known by the more common name of gum trees, because they exude copious kino from any break in the bark.6233 B-17 Flying Fortress Crash Relics - An entry level assortment of crash relics recovered from a B-17 crash site.Below is a set of fabric Luftwaffe national emblem badge with evidence of original stitching together with a cloth Reichskokade.As with all our stock feel free to request a range of more detailed photographs to check out the work involved in creating this homage to the amazing Commanders and crews of 617 Squadron.
Several of the pieces are stamped or stencilled with serial numbers.
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This sculpture features a pilot of RAF Bomber Command about to board his aircraft, possibly an Avro Lancaster, prior to another night operation to the heart of Germany.
Measures 7".5" (18 cm x 9 cm) 160.00 2677 Framed Photograph of a Luftwaffe Administrative Officer - This clearly shows rank badges for a Hauptbrandmeister and to the base of the photograph is embossed "Photo-Wiebeche".
The underside unusually shows the retracted undercarriage.