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With the original and satiric Castaway on Temurlone, author David Wesley Hill has boldly reconfigured the venerable space opera into an action-packed parable for our times.
Forester and Patrick O'Brian.".By David Wesley Hill, posted: Apr 15, 2013, twelve award winning science fiction and fantasy stories from internationally acclaimed author David Wesley Hill.Posted: Nov 15, 2012, it was as fine a day to be whipped as any he'd ever seen but the good weather didn't make Peregrine James any happier with the situation he was.Kempten (GER BigBox /w turbobier!"specusphere "Editor's aren't supposed to have favoritesor we're not supposed to admit to favorites, anyway.The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey by Patrick O'Brian near a decade ago.An erotic thriller by Deidre Warren.(w/Gonzales) - sex offenders registry indiana Vienna, TBA (w/ Lester and the Landslide Ladies) - Vienna, Shelter (w/ The Asstronauts) - Parma (IT McQueen (w/ Kani) - Torino (IT United Club (w/ Los Fuocos, The Doggs) - Riva del Garda (IT Lochness Pub (w/ The Grand Astoria) - Trieste.These aliens were on a joy ride.For teenager Danny Cerutti it was the summer of 1953, a time when teen-aged sex was non-existent and people lived out their lives in boring, self-proscribed boxes.Kapfenberg, OurCityOurSound /w Skero, All Faces Down - Essen (GER Don't Panic /w turbobier!Some men used their rifle butts to paddle while others bailed water with their helmets.Some were in shallow water, making it necessary to wade in the mud before we could get into the boats and shove off.Los Angeles Maritime Museum Library at Drake's Command, by David Wesley Hill, is a godsend to readers.The Good Sheriff "David Wesley Hill has his tongue buried firmly in his cheek with these over-the-top escapades, while striking just the right tone with the cleverly wrought misadventures he puts his reluctant hero through."Tangent On-line.(Turbojugend Christmasparty Palme Birthday-Party) - Feldbach, Glam - Purgstall, Down Under Music Bar - Berchtesgaden (GER Kuckucksnest - Neukirchen/Knüll (GER KUZ Sägewerk (w/ The Burnouts) - Berlin (GER White Trash Fast Food (w/ Vic du Monte) - Minden (GER Hamburger-Hof - Leiden (NL Rockcafe Lazarus.Far From Laredo "A short, colorful story with the distinctive flavor of the tall tales from the Old West."SF Site.Burying Marmee "At turns charmingly naive and darkly wry, with the soft pastel glow of Jack Vance suffusing all.Fearing the need yet unable to resist it, she gives herself willingly to photographer Mike Chernak, who will be her guide through a sexual playground of the creative and powerful.Marburg (GER) - Budweis (CZ - Steyr, Röda - Wien, dasBach (R'n'R Springbreak) - Klagenfurt, Park-Haus - Graz, Club Wakuum w/ Cans - Budapest (HU Rocktogon w/ The Joystixx - Wien, Franks-Birthday-Bash w/ Brewtality - Böhringen Römerstein (D MC Exciters Club Haus w/ Christmas.Warriors of Phaeton: Finch will be released on March 17 on amazon with other retailers and print copies available shortly after that date.
I'll say it a bit louder for those in the back, finch IS here!