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On the other hand, the intensely moralistic Dutch Protestants insisted their Biblical theology, sincere piety and humble lifestyle was morally superior to the luxurious habits and superficial religiosity of the ecclesiastical nobility.
Most of the lands north of the Alps, including the Netherlands, passed to Lothair II and consecutively were named Lotharingia.It is known that around 8000 BC a Mesolithic tribe resided near Burgumer Mar ( Friesland ).Soup kitchens were set up but many fragile people died.The new government was virtually a puppet of France.Hamilton and Ai-Hui Tan (2002).In a war composed mostly of sieges rather than battles, Governor-General Alexander Farnese proved his mettle.This trade was vital to the people of Holland, because Holland could no longer produce enough grain to feed itself.Fernando Alvarez de Toledo, Duke of Alba, was sent with a Spanish Army to punish the unruly Dutch in 1567.In 1919 women also obtained the right to vote.However, at the head of each province was the stadtholder of that province, a position held by a descendant of the House of Orange.Contents Prehistory (before 800 farmer wants a wife 2015 youtube BC) edit Historical changes to the landscape edit The prehistory of the area that is now the Netherlands was largely shaped by its constantly shifting, low-lying geography.The Catholic Spanish responded with harsh persecution and introduced the Inquisition of the Netherlands.During the period, the Republic lost its Great-Power status and its primacy in world trade, processes that went hand-in-hand, the latter causing the former.It supplied many essential raw materials to Germany such as rubber, tin, quinine, oil and food.There is also some evidence of small settlements in the rest of the country.Hans Renders, "Art, ideology and Americanization in post-war Dutch Mandril: Journalistic innovation of a conservative kind Quaerendo (2006) 36#1.His terms saw four major political developments: the traumas of decolonization, economic reconstruction, the establishment of the Dutch welfare state, and international integration and co-operation, including the formation of Benelux, the oeec, nato, the ecsc, and the EEC.66872 Regin, Deric, Traders, Artists, Burghers: A Cultural History of Amsterdam in the 17th century Van Gorcum, 1976,.

144 145 Flourishing of art, culture and science edit The late 19th century saw a cultural revival.
Gysseling als leidraad" in Handelingen van de Koninklijke commissie voor Toponymie en Dialectologie, lxxv/2003.