Dating in ireland vs america

dating in ireland vs america

As an American living in Ireland, I'd say I've had the best of both worlds.
Like, they are more reserved in a sense.
I dont like the way they dress or the way they drink.
On the other side of the dating field, Irish girls speak out as to why they dont have an attraction to American men.They are more forward but it is chivalry I suppose.Theyre very charming and thats what you want on a day like Valentines Day so Ill be looking for an Irish man that night for sure.Were not used to their forwardness and their expressions of emotion.Well besides the accent, I dont think theyre as forward as American men.The Irish Voice went into the zoo to investigate for Valentines Day and found some answers that are sure to rattle some cages.If Irish men and women had difficulty understanding the opposite sex back in Ireland, then being thrown into the New York dating zoo with lots of different species must have been a daunting experience indeed.I dont think I could ever fully trust an American girl after all Ive seen in the bars.Drinking, america, advertisement, go out for maybe two drinks with co-workers before tucking in for the night, waking up with no hangover.Read more: For Valentine's week our a guide to dating Irish girls.Advertisement, ireland, driving on the left side of the road, you're absolutely petrified of traffic because you've lived in Dublin and used public transport most of your adult life.Read more: Valentine's Day special - New Yorkers share their awkward dating stories - video.I think Irish men have figured out a way to be mysterious and friendly at the same time, which makes them very intriguing to American women who are always up for a new challenge.I just think theyre more outgoing and sometimes easier to get along with and to have fun with.Ireland, please don't touch me in public unless we're in Copper's.Dana Florence, working in finance, agrees with this stance but states real sexadvertenties that Irish guys are great fun nonetheless.Edit: I know looks are going to come into play.I know there are more questions I have, but basically I'm just looking for a general opinion.Read more: Top ten Irish love sayings for Valentines Day.Theres a light-heartedness about them that I like.Ireland, you definitely don't go out until at least 9pm, and that's early.
There are not many Irish men that would ask you out to dinner.
American girls to date, Irish girls to marry.

I think every guys dream is to marry a hot chick that acts like a dude.