Dating a man with sex addiction

He loves me exactly the way.
As for you, I think you should get back out there, date a bunch of new guys, and see who surprises you.
Either people were pissed off with him, his boss was taking advantage of him, or something else was to blame for why his life was upside-down.I Google signs, symptoms.The two hours I spent getting ready mean nothing to him.I recently found out that he had been responding to sex posts/ads online.Read this: 21 Terrible 90s Songs That Everyone Secretly Loves.I try to tell him if his girlfriend was with us at his apartment and saw how he behaved, she would be furious.His lies first sex date nautica always won.My rational side tells me that breaking up was the right thing to do and that I should never look back.I just broke up with my boyfriend of almost three years.We had an amazing relationship.My heart swells a bit, but I remind myself hes just a friend.Is my ex-boyfriend the one?I find out when he was jobless and living with his ex-fiancée, hed sit in front of the computer watching porn all day.He cried and said hes so ashamed of himself.Would he try to limit his porn viewing so that it didnt make me feel uncomfortable, especially when he always wanted to bring it into the bedroom?I need your help.I refused to stay a second longer.
Dear Zoe, A very thoughtful letter and a very tricky situation.