Contact numbers of sex workers in india

contact numbers of sex workers in india

Prostitution unfortunately has become an organised industry with crimes like human trafficking of young girls for supply to the brothel.
The amount that they pay towards boarding, lodging and food is also a stupendous sum.It becomes a little difficult to continue with their profession.An amendment to the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, proposed a decade ago but never adopted, would also criminalize buying sex.Paying for the source of addiction also eats into whatever income they generate.Addressing power relations within the trade and outside.Early marriage and desertion thereafter is also a reason for women to turn to prostitution.In fact, prostitution is one of the oldest professions of the world practiced since the birth of the organized society.Sex workers are what women want stream 2000 workers and we need our rights.This renders the prostitutes even more vulnerable, and they are totally dependent on their earnings for their livelihood as they have no option of approaching the Government for medical or woman looking for Rolli driver financial assistance.Last essex term dates but not the least, the children of prostitutes usually end up carrying on the legacy.Most of these women are addicted to drugs or alcohol and leaving prostitution which caters to their requirement is no longer an option.We also have some cases where sex workers do not disclose their profession to their families.We also provide loans at usha.
These are also known as red light areas in the country, where everyday thousands of girls are browbeaten.