Casual sex and eye contact

"I have a new objective in operation Cobra he said smiling.
The hot water hitting both of them as they both yelled out their pleasure in unison.
The brunette connected their lips once more to keep Emma from adult personals vancouver screaming out loud so Mary Margaret wouldn't hear them.
"Well we stopped what we were doing and I was at the diner and so was she."Maybe if you stopped running you would have some to really love you!Regina didn't even care how shitty of an insult that was, she naughty flirt sms to a girl was upset and she needed to go yell at some people she walked quickly towards her car feeling tears threaten to show themselves again, she wiped at her eyes as a few tears."Oh thanks Em Ruby smiled.She's really not doing great, she's been throwing up for the past two days and she's barely been eating Mary Margaret said quietly, she was worried about Emma because she knew that she was very upset, depressed and sick.But she was pretty certain that she didn't love the bitchy mayor."Shit Emma swore loudly as she saw a document that needed to be handed into the mayor pronto.She yanked open the door to her apartment and walked in shivering from being in the cold for so long, she coughed and sneezed as she walked."What is it?" Mary Margaret asked slowly not sure if she wanted to know, she took another drink of her beer.Mainly she would run because feelings weren't her thing, it was a shitty and mean thing to do but love was definitely her biggest fear."Excuse me?" Regina asked taken aback at the bold move.Emma what about you?" Ruby asked while taking a drink from her beer bottle.Regina would never listen to Emma she would go back to hating the blonde."Uh okay?" she said confused slightly."Mary Margaret Regina said in a formal voice walking over to the petite women's desk."Uhm Emma asked me to give these papers to you if I had spare time Mary Margaret said and walked over to Regina's desk, she noticed the broken pot in the garbage and thought best not to ask about that.She smiled slightly and held open the door for Emma."Oh, angry hangover girl are we now?" Emma laughed again before leaning back in her seat letting the meeting begin.She found she had been ending up there far too often for the past month.Have a drink!" Ruby yelled which earned her a few shouts from others at the bar.
"By the way Madame mayor the paper work is finished Emma said and she got off the desk and handed it to the mayor with a smirk.
She shut the door after she entered the room and pulled off her jacket and top walking towards Regina.