Baby gender prediction using heartbeat

the 1st 2 were suppsd to indicate girl and the 3nd boy. .
My first few u/s the hb was at 140-145.
In early pregnancy, the reassuring sound of that heartbeat is just about the only thing we've got to show a baby's even there.Sort by: Oldest, newest 20 Posts a a4smith @smm20092009, its an Old Wives t true but always fun to think about.But you should purchase one of these heart rate monitors if you fall into one of the following categories: Youre experiencing pregnancy complications and want to monitor your childs heart rate.It's hard to resist such an easy test, and ever so tempting to over-analyze the pitter patter of that tiny heart.I have to wait another 5 weeks to find out, it is killing.S singsling @smm20092009, i got very interested in this topis and did some research.So sorry it dose not work.Its a girl but i wouldnt rely on that my baby is a boy the third time we went for the anatomy ultrasound his heart beat was 146.To do my experiment, first I find someone to fuck me became pregnant with boy/girl twins.Before the actual delivery of your baby, an ultrasound is the most commonly used way to learn whether you're having a boy or girl, though not with 100 percent accuracy.Said my baby was trying to sleep on the 3rd u/s though so who knows. .So we will see b babymuj, i don't know.K Kim1110 @smm20092009, sounds like a boy.Lets take a look at when you can expect to have a sonogram done to hear your babys heartbeat, and what you can expect at varying weeks in your pregnancy.(You can see I am quite dedicated to the interests of science.).According to the "New York Times it's unclear how the myth came about, but after conception, babies' hearts usually begin beating at a rate of around 85 bpm, which increases by 3 bpm each day during the first month of pregnancy until it reaches about.Oftentimes, mothers will become so used to these monitors they use it as a way to meditate themselves sleep.FHR monitors are inexpensive and perfect for mothers that have a hard time sleeping at night, not knowing if their child is okay.So mine went along with the old wives tale.According to myth, a woman sex contacts direct is likely having a girl if her baby's heart rate is 140 bpm or faster, and a heart rate lower than 140 bpm signals a boy.Many women around the world used this method to predict the sex of their baby.