Baby gender prediction drano

Strain out the cabbage and dump the water into a sex date paris france clear glass.
Now, youre supposed to wait to see if the color of the Drano turns brown or blue.This an easy baby gender prediction method to try.This is what youll want to do to perform the test yourself: Fill a cup with Drano.Since these two colors will be seen in the mixture anyway, its sex in toronto city safe to say that there is naturally a 50/50 chance that the test is right just as much as guess whether its a boy or its a girl.There are also varying claims that if the chemicals bubble up in the mixture, a woman is having a girl.SneakPeek states that their test uses DNA to determine the babys gender, but the test is expensive at 100.There are a slew of other physical signs on a woman that indicate boy or girl.If the ring moves in circles, supposedly its a girl.Take a look here and see what you think.All of the research points to this method being completely inaccurate.Were going to take a good look at the Drano test and see if it really works, or if its simply a myth.It told me I was having a girl.Researchers that conduct tests with Drano are often wearing rubber gloves and face masks.Result BOY No spots equals spot on!Others say green indicates a girl its very confusing.Green girl, and blue boy.You want equal parts cabbage water and urine.Using ultrasound technology, a doctor can predict the gender of a baby with an 88 accuracy rate after 20 weeks of pregnancy (5 months).