Aussie women looking for sex

aussie women looking for sex

Billy Tin or container portuguese adult friend finder used to boil water for tea, in the bush when camping.
Lollies Sweets - candy - confectionary.Pub Short for Public House, or a hotel.Recommend this site to a Friend Book Review click THE link below TO GO directly TO paypal order Also from m IF YOU CAN'T find THE information OR THE product that your looking FOR - check OUT THE clickbank catalogue Over 10,000 Products to Choose.Kip To take a short sleep, a nap Kiwi A - New Zealander Knee High to a Grasshopper Usually referring to someone short kids Knock To criticise or put down Knock Back refusal (noun) refuse (transitive verb) Knocker Somebody who criticises Knuckle Sandwich Punch.Tucker Food - eats - grub - nourishment.Shut Eye Get some sleep Sickie Day off work with pay because of real or pretended illness.Clayton's Substitute, alternative, fake - the drink you have when your not drinking.Wuss A coward; nervous person or animal.She turned around to him and asked: 'Have you slimed yet, Terry?'.Fossick To Prospect for EG Opal's or Gold Footie/footy Term for Australian Rules Football or Rugby League.Submitting to Women in Uniform Sex in Unusual Places Exhibitionism - Dare Me!Bitser Mongrel - mixed breed - rough.Uni University Unit Block of flats - condominium - apartment.Digger Australian Soldier (Vet) mate.Swag Rolled up bedding etc.M ossie, mozzie Mosquito - insect.Bik-kie Biscuit "it cost big bikkies" - means expensive.Tinny Small Aluminium Boat runabout Toey On the move or restless.I've put together a small Quiz for you, relating to Australian Slang Test your knowledge, your mettle, trivia (not trivial) pursuit, your multiple choice skills.
Z Zack Pre decimal currency - sixpence (5 cents) Zebra Crossing A pedestrian crossing where the road is painted with white stripes on the black bitumen.