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NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden hails from North Carolina, and later Maryland.
Neuromancer : Dixie Flatline, a former "cowboy" (hacker) is written as being from near Atlanta, and is written with an Good Ol' Boy accent and mannerisms.
The West Wing has Ainsley Hayes, the Trope Namer for Blonde Republican Sex Kitten, who trounces one of the main characters in a televised debate in her Establishing Character Moment.
Even if he did think the Mona Lisa was a sculpture.Given that he's insane and can change his voice on a whim, though, it's entirely possible that he's faking.The minor character Bud in Kurt Vonnegut 's debut Player Piano is a Georgian smart enough (maybe not) to create a machine that makes his job unnecessary.Quite a few of the United States' Founding Fathers were from Virginia.Dale from Tucker And Dale Vs Evil is a variation; he never finished grade school, but he's got a great mind for trivia.Encyclop dia Britannica Inc., 2015.And I also love that her books are beginning to get just a bit steamier.Uses multiple euphemisms in his everyday talk.Sponge Bob Square Pants rich woman looking for him Vienna : Sandy the Squirrel is a proud Texas native.Fortunately for his cousin, so is Vinny.Jeff: Allrite, now whut we gon'.Speaks in a vague Southern accent, builds scrap metal sculptures, loves torching stuff, and is a genius hacker on top of that.His birthplace is only defined as "somewhere in the South." Common fanon puts it in Georgia like his actor De Forest Kelley." Doctor Buford McDonald?Bulkhead from Transformers Animated - really.Fallout New Vegas has.He's also highly intelligent, extremely intuitive, and incredibly clever and creative when it comes to using his powers.Most are portrayed as Genius Ditz 's, mind, being brilliant in their respective fields but often clueless in others or showing an utter lack of common sense at times, and much of the comedy comes from them being very smart on some occasions and ridiculously.He earns the trust of the title character by basically being a badass, and independently and near-singlehandedly solves the mystery of the film.
Pokémon Special as a substitute for the original's.
The Southern Agrarians, a socio-politio-literary movement that began at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee in the 1930s.

General Dwight D Eisenhower called him "the man who won the war for." Even Adolf Hitler acknowledged his genius, calling him the "new Noah." Cecil.
Not problems like "what is beauty?" because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy.